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ABA Therapy Billing

Our Service, Your Growth

You love what you do and you do it well. But everyone can use a little bit of help

Being an ABA service provider comes with it’s own challenges including being profitable and growing your client base. On top of managing your organization, dealing with the hassles of insurance billing can be an ineffective effort that only wastes precious time.

You need the competent and professional support of an ABA service billing team that can handle your claims efficiently and get you quick reimbursement—especially because cashflow is the lifeblood of your organization and the key to growth.

Amvik Solutions offers you an experienced team of ABA medical billing professionals who can manage the billing process from beginning to end, so you can concentrate on the clinical side of your business. Our specialized focus in helping ABA providers means we have the experience and know-how to deal within the ABA insurance landscape.

Amvik Solutions strives to offer the perfect combination of quality service and financial return for our partners. We only charge a contracted percentage based on claim amount received, not just those submitted. Your success is our goal, so we work diligently to follow up on all unpaid or denied claims to ensure everything due is collected as quickly as possible.

At Amvik Solutions, we’ve worked with a number of clients who have had outstanding claim balances, and we have been able to collect payments for those services rendered!

Our service means your growth.

Make the Right Choice with Amvik Solutions

Amvik Solutions, with our WebABA software, is a trusted partner to ABA providers because of our scheduling, billing, and payroll advantages. Cutting-edge technology coupled with a personalized experience means you can stop wasting time trying to manage paperwork, familiarizing yourself with CPT codes, keeping up with ever-changing regulations, correcting billing mistakes – and the list goes on.

Our WebABA is a fully integrated billing system that can ensure all billing submitted to the funding source is complete and accurate. Benefits include:

  • Ability to automatically split the Category III CPT® combination codes for authorized activities
  • Easily generate CMS 1500 compatible forms
  • Automatically alerts sessions over billed or over paid to providers
  • Generate customized billing and analytic reports
  • Easily track profit and loss all the way down to individual sessions
  • Compatible with Amvik Solutions’ billing service or any 3rd party billing software
  • Electronic claim submission whenever possible or paper claim submission if required by funding source
  • Unpaid and denied claims follow up with insurance companies and funding sources
  • Patient responsibility invoicing and follow up
  • Claims follow up through collection agency
  • Client eligibility and benefit verification
  • Regional Center co-pay/co-insurance coordination
  • Comprehensive reporting – account ledger & claims denial report including an action trail documenting follow up correspondence with insurance companies and funding sources

More Than Just a Billing Service

Amvik Solutions’ WebABA software is more than just another billing service. Our system supports your practice from billing to payroll to HR management and more.   

Our Authorization Management system means you can capture all parameters of an authorization – so you can bill accordingly. Only create sessions based on authorized hours so you can ensure every scheduled meeting is approved for payment:

  • Easily handle clients with multiple authorizations and multiple payers
  • Record the maximum allowed hours, units or dollar amount sessions, or a combination of both
  • Generates alerts to ensure scheduled or billed sessions stay within authorization
  • Alerts for expiring client authorizations
  • Easily search for providers by proximity and availability

If you’re ready to take your clinic to the next level, contact Amvik Solutions today.