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WebABA is a fully integrated billing system

Never miss an invoice for services rendered

WebABA’s “Bucket System” ensures services rendered will be flagged as “Pending Approval”, “Ready To Bill” or “Billed”. This system guarantees no session is left unattended even if the sessions are rendered past the billing cycle.

The business intelligence layer of WebABA billing module encapsulates the following features


  • Ability to automatically split the Category III CPT® combination codes for authorized activities
  • Automatically manage overlapping sessions and bill based on payor’s requirement
  • Apply modifiers based on highest degree automatically
  • Clubbing of same day, same activity sessions.
  • One click cross over claims (secondary claims) generation
  • Easily generate CMS 1500 compatible forms
  • Ability to bill at standard rate and yet have all reporting based on allowed amount (No inflated numbers)
  • Electronic posting of payments
  • Customized patient responsibility invoices. Can be generated before or after as per your process.
  • Automatically alerts sessions over billed or over paid to providers
  • Generate customized billing and analytic reports
  • Easily track profit and loss all the way down to individual sessions